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Historic Aircraft Collection

Operating from IWM Duxford, the Historic Aircraft Collection (HAC) was formed in 1985 by Guy Black and Angus Spencer-Nairn to restore and operate a collection of piston engined military aircraft.

Hawker Fury F MK1

G-CBZP / K5674

Duxford 2016
Duxford 2015
Duxford 2015

Hawker Nimrod II

G-BURZ / K3661 / 562

Duxford 2014
Duxford 2013

Hawker Hurricane XIIa


Duxford 2013 (Previous Z5140 scheme)
Duxford 2012 (Previous Z5140 scheme)
Legends 2015
Legends 2015

Spitfire Mk. Vb


Shoreham Airshow 2013
Goodwood 2015

Past and present restorations

All HAC's restoration work is being undertaken by Retrotec Limited, under the control of Guy Black.

Retrotec, formerly Aero Vintage, have been restoring vintage aircraft for over 20 years

Fiesler Storch


Under restoration

Hawker Nimrod I

G-BWWK / S1581 / 573 (first flew in July 2000)

Duxford 2014
Legends 2012

Sopwith Pup

N6161 / G-ELRT

Duxford 2016

Bristol Fighter F2b

D-7889 G-AANM (completed 2006 / First post restoration flight 25/5/2006)

de Havilland DH 9

E-8894 G-CDLI (made its maiden, post-restoration flight at Duxford on 13 May 2019)

Hawker Hind 41H.82971 L7181

(no scheduled completion date as yet)

Hawker Audax K5600

(no scheduled completion date as yet)

Yak 1 1342 G-BTZD

(originally started restoration by Hawker Restorations, now undertaken by Retrotec with no scheduled completion date as yet)