Aviation Museums

Museo Del Aire

Visits: 22/05/2016 and 07/07/2019


houses an exhibition of rotary wing aircraft including helicopters and gyros

Cierva C.6

C.6-B (Replica)

Cierva C.19 Mk.IV P

EC-AIM / 30-62

Cierva C.30A


Aerotécnica AC-12 Pepo

Z.2–6 / 75-6

Aerotécnica AC-14


Sikorsky S-55 / Westland Whirlwind Mk.II

SAR ZD.1B-22 / 803-4

Agusta Bell AB-206 A1 Jet Ranger

SAR HR.12-3 / ET-197 (ex Spanish Army)

Sud Alouette III 3

SAR HD.16-1 / 803-01

Aérospatiale SA 318C Alouette II

EC-CVK Spanish Police

Bell 47G-2 / OH-47-13H Sioux

HE.7A-52 / 78-18