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Museo Del Aire

Spanish Museo de Aeronáutica y Astronáutica o Museo del Aire

Cuatro Vientos Airport, A-5, Km. 10,7, 28024 Madrid

Visits: 22/05/2016 and 07/07/2019

Based at Cuatro Vientos since 1975, the objective of the museum is to acquire, conserve and display the aircraft, equipment and associated paraphernalia that constitute the historical heritage of the Spanish Air Force. With 7 hangars and an exterior exhibition covering nearly 70,000m2, the museum houses aircraft, uniforms, medals and decorations, vehicles, mock-ups and other aviation-related displays. Following the end of the Spanish Civil War and the creation of the Air Force, the idea was conceived to create a museum that would reflect the evolution and history of Spanish aeronautics.

With over 200 aircraft on display the museum pages are split to show each hangar individually as follows

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Partially open on first visit

Room 1: early years of the history of aviation in Spain and the world

Room 2: Spanish Army settlements in North Africa, 1913

Room 3: historic flights

Houses collections of uniforms, engines, simulators, UAV's, bombs and other miscellaneous aviation equipment

houses a collection of smaller training school, liaison and combat aircraft, along with a wide array of engines

houses the exhibition of helicopters and gyros

Hangar 6

Not open to public
Iberia Airways EC-BYE McDonnell Douglas DC-9-32 (cn 47504 / 651) & Iberia Airways EC-CFG Boeing 727-256(A) · EC-CFG (cn 20817)

Hangar 7

not open during either visit

houses a wide chronological exhibition of model aircraft

Reportedly stored / in restoration

Aerotecnica AC-12 Z.2-7 / 75-7

Bell Iroquois UH-1B HU.8B-9 / ET-205 (ex SpArmy) restoration

Bell Sioux OH-13H HE.7A-55 / 751-36

Bell Sioux TH-13T 67-17078 (ex USAR)

Dornier Do 24T-3 HD.5-2 / 58-2

Hispano Super Saeta HA.220 A.10C-106

Huarte-Mendicoa HM-1 B E.4-174

Hughes 269 C HE.20-12 / 78-41

Lockheed Shooting Star T 33A E.15-17 / 41-14 and E.15-38 / 41-26 (tail from E.15-12)

North American Texan SNJ-5 C.6-128 / 421-42

Northrop Freedom Fighter SF 5A A.9-051 / 23-29

Westland Whirlwind Srs.2 ZD.1B-19 / 803-1