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China Aviation Museum

Xiaotangshanzhen, Changping, Beijing, China

Visit: 19/12/2019

Originally opened to the public on 11th November 1989 to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the founding of the People's Liberation Army Air Force, the China Aviation Museum / 中国航空博物馆 is located in the Changping District approximately 25 miles north of Beijing city. The museum is often referred to as the Datangshan Aviation Museum due to its location adjacent to the mountain of the same name, and part of the collection is housed in a cavern within the mountain. The cavern and tunnels formed part of the underground bunker system of the Shahezhen Airbase, and is nearly 600 metres long, 11 metres high and 40 metres wide. The road leading to the museum is also used as a taxiway between the base and the bunker system.

With over 200 aircraft on display, primarily showcasing the Korean and Cold Wars, the pages are split between the external exhibits and the internal exhibits within the Cavern.

Transport, Cargo, Reconnaissance, Liaison, Bombers [1 - 45]
Fighters, Interceptors, Trainers [46 - 124]
Helicopters, Storage compound [206 - 250]
[125 - 205 Clockwise from Main entrance]

The exhibition Hall was unfortunately closed during this visit, however some of the aircraft had been relocated outside or in the Cavern