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Fleet Air Arm

Initially formed in 1914 as the Royal Naval Air Service, the Fleet Air Arm is the aeriel branch of the Royal Navy. The RNAS became the Fleet Air Arm of the Royal Air Force in 1924 comprising those RAF units formerly based on aircraft carriers and targeting ships. Authority was handed over to the Royal Navy in 1939.

AgustaWestland AW159 Wildcat

ZZ529 @ RIAT 2017

ZZ381 @ Yeovilton Air Day 2015

Beechcraft Avenger

ZZ501 @ RIAT 2017

ZZ503 @ Kilze Rijen 2013

British Aerospace Hawk T1

XX281 @ Yeovilton Air Day 2015

XX205 @ RIAT 2017

EH Industries EH101 Merlin

ZH850 @ Waddington Airshow 2013

ZH856 @ Southend Airshow 2011

Grob Tutor T1

G-BYXS @ Yeovilton Airday 2015

G-BYWM @ Yeovilton Airday 2015

Westland Sea King ASaC7

XV707/184 @ Yeovilton Airday 2015

ZE427 @ Yeovilton Airday 2015


Eurocopter AS365 Dauphin II


Westland Lynx

1976- 2017

XZ692 @ Duxford Spring Airshow 2011

XZ736 @ Yeovilton Airday 2011