Air Services


Military aviation began in Colombia in 1919 with the creation of a military aviation school for the Colombian Army. Previously 2 commissions had been sent overseas to study new technological advancements in aviation, infantry, cavalry, engineering and trains under Law 15 of 1916 of September 7th. Colombian Army Officers undertook a course on flight training on techniques and tactics.

Authorised by the then President of Colombia, Marco Fidel Suárez, the school was created in Colombia along with the Colombian National Army Aviation as a fifth regiment by Law 126 of 1919 of December 31st. The unit was officially activated on 15th February 1921 in Flandes, with the support of a French mission, led by Lieutenant Colonel Rene Guichard, and initially operated 3 Caudron G.3 E-2, 3 Caudron G.4 A-2 and 4 Nieuport Delage 11 C-1. The school was closed, due to financial issues, in 1922.

The School of Military Aviation was reopened on 8th November 1924 with the support of a Swiss mission, headed by Captain Henry Pillichody, operating 4 Wild WT and 8 Wild X training aircraft. The 1st combat aircraft was the Curtiss Falcon O-1 on 28th December 1928